CARA Paris

Driven by a spirit of audacity, CARA imagines and designs exceptional creations for a non-conformist clientele, sensitive to the values of excellence and authenticity.


CARA's master jewelers are certified "Joaillier de France", this distinction guarantees exceptional know-how and traditional working methods. It certifies that their products have been manufactured, assembled, polished and set in France in the purest french tradition.

The technical excellence of their craftsmen who work at different stages of production gives life to unique creations.


Gold has always been the source of desires and dreams. Even in its simplest state, its beauty is amazing. Gold is the symbol of durability and light, gold is stainless steel to air and water, regardless of temperature. CARA creations have a captivating brilliance, the enchanting lust of each creation is the result of a perpetual search for perfection and beauty.

Diamonds and precious stones are carefully selected for their exceptional purity and brilliance.

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