Erik Salin

Erik Salin artErik Salin, painter, plastic sculptor, is born in 1960 in Paris.

He lives and works today in the south of France where his workshop is located.

Renowned Custom Painter long considered by the specialized press as one of the great French references in the field. During all these years, Erik Salin uses all the traditional techniques of the great schools references (painting, drawing, acrylic, watercolors, wash, trompe l’oeil …) that mixes with each other, superimposes them to explore new directions he applies to his sculptures and creates an artistic expression of his own.

Influenced by the Pop Art movement, his figurative artistic approach reflects the codes and flaws of our consumer society. Erik Salin diverts objects from their context, combines them with others, always giving great importance to the finish and aesthetic beauty of his works.

Erik Salin sometimes uses it to deliver a critical message about our way of living and thinking. His audacious and surprising works reflect the free and unrestrained spirit of the creator. Erik Salin began his career in the world of Custom painting.

Already very noticed, he is considered one of the great French references in this field for his creativity and technique.

He naturally turns to art.

Influenced by the Pop Art movement, his achievements make him love, share and apprehend the world.

His timeless works are resolutely modern, innovative, contemporary, and send us a message to punctuate our reflections.

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